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Okay, fine. I’ll admit to it, I know I’ve been rather difficult about this subject and have been constantly avoiding it. But just to please you curious readers. Yes, I am a furry. And yes, I do have a Fursona.

Prayers for Micky by Madison Hendershot - GoFundMe ↘


Here is the link for donations to help pay for his medical bills. I’m not asking that you donate if you can’t, but at least spread the word by reblogging this in the hopes that maybe someone out there can and will. Please refer to my last post for more information on the situation. And please reblog! It would mean a lot.

would u bang: apush documents masterpost!!! ↘


please reblog this so your followers who are also taking the exam can see! enjoy and good luck to everyone we are in this together!


if you wanna get super pumped listen to this

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